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speed problems


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My from a famous torrent website sent me here after i asked him for help,honestly i don't have the power to write the whole message again so i'll send the exact message i had sent to him.

i've got some problems with ny u torrnet actually i'm not sure if i have some,but i think i do.you see there is that sign that says if ur connection is good or not(either an explemation mark if the connection is bad or a green V if its good)sometimes i check if my port is open and sometimes it says the port is open and sometimes is not how is that possible?

here are some photos that i uploaded to make it more clear:

one more thing are you fimilar with this guide?


i'm trying to work through this guide,the problem is when get into this situation no paswword or username work for me even tough i reset the router which means the user name and password should have been reset to defualt which is user name-admin password-admin,my dad we don't have user name and password but it doesn't make any sense for me i uploaded all the settings' photos+extra for the guide:



here some more photos tell me if my settings are ok plz:











thanks alot,

p.s-if you'll ask me to give you a thumbnail link for the photos i can do that(even though its gonna take me a while).

sorry-just realizied there is a special forum for speed problems please,remove it,thnks.

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Your local area network's top THEORETICAL speed of 54 megabits/second...is not your internet connection's speed.

Your ISP is Shaw Cable in Canada, right?

This link suggests Shaw throttles BitTorrent traffic:


You might have 512 kilobits/second upload speed -- as I see your pictures show uTorrent uploading at 50 KiloBYTES/second...or less than 1/100th what you told uTorrent you had when you choose the xx/50Mbit setting. Expect overloads till you correct that. :lol:

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ok man-here is what the guide says:

Go to Options > Speed Guide

Select the listing closest to your upload speed result (rounding down as necessary)

Note that the speed tests may not be 100% accurate due to factors outside of your control, so if the closest option is only a little bit higher than what your upload speed results received on the tests (perhaps by 10%), it's generally safe to select that.

my speed tests showed that my upload speed is:443kb\s avg.

and the highest connection type that i see is xx/100mbit-or should i use the kb?my download avg is 2100 kb\s

so what shell i put in my settings?


i'm downloading two torrents right now

first one-seeds- 22(40) peers -10(154) download speed-185 kb\s up speed-30 kb\s

the secind torrent shows-seeds-9(7278) peers-21(14202 down speed-55 kb\s

at the bottom og the page i see the green V mark on

d:218 kb\s t:212 u:45 kb\s t:45.7

is it good?

i followed al the steps in the guide this guide:http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

any thing more to add?

i'm afraid that in the near future the green V wil become an yellow explematin mark again what can i do to prevent it?

thanks for the support btw

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My bad, misread your post.

You say you have 443kb/s upload.

That's probably 443 kilobits/second upload speed.

In short, you can't even use xx/512k (512 kilobits/second upload) in Speed Guide without OVERLOADS. Those overloads can cause uTorrent to think it's firewalled again.

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the problem is i can't increase my speed connection by 5% until the upload speed is not flat cause those are the options that i have:

xx\256kb\s xx\384 kb\s xx\5112 kb\s (the diferrences are a lotr more than 5%)

BTW-i'm trying xx\256k

and i see the upload line above the bottom line but on the other hand my download speed isn't as good as it was before.

shell is switch to higher connection speed?

now my downlolad speed is 370 kb\s whereas my uload speed is 35 kb\s and i see the upload speed line flat(probably because the huge diference between the download to the upload-now im using xx\384 k


now my download speed is 450 kb\s whereas the upload speed is 35(still using xx\384 k)but the upload line is flat.

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Right. As you increase your upload, you will see it continue to download at your expected peak speed UNTIL you go over your acceptable upload for your line.

At that time you will see download PLUMMET and your upload no longer be flat. That is your cue to back off the upload 2-5 KiBps and make not of that for future use ;)

From there, you know you can upload up to that limit and your downloads will not be affected. However if you usually do other internet activities while torrenting you may want to back off that whole last 5% increment to allow for that other traffic throughput.

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The goal of BitTorrent is to share...by uploading more, your download tends to increase because of the tit-for-tat reward system built into BitTorrent.

Your connection's precise limit is based on too many variables...we can give ballpark figures, but only accurate to maybe 10 KiloBYTES/second upload speed.

You really do have to test if you want to know.

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