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My Speed Problem Solved - A Tip


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Well, I could not for the life of me find out why Utorrent was suffering from poor download rates and network errors.

Utorrent was not seeing a single incoming connection and I had no idea why.

I followed all the advice in this forum given to me and others and read the FAQ at least 20 times.

My router was setup correctly with the correct ports forwarded, as guided by http://www.portforward.com/ , as well as my firewall being configured correctly.

In fact I could not get it working even with the firewall being completely disabled.

Well, today I just realized Utorrent was not the only application with problems.

In fact I could not run any type of service, for example an FTP server; as it would also suffer from no incoming connections.

Well I decided to investigate further and I soon had a solution in hand. :)

I realized that for some reason there was a disabled Network adapter listed in Device Manager as Network Interface.

So now in Device Manager I looked at the Network Interface's properties > details tab > Hardware Ids .

And I realized this was a left over Network Interface driver from an an application that I have since uninstalled.

Well apparently it was causing incoming connections to be first routed though it.

Which was causing them to time out since no connection could be made since I had uninstalled the program.

Meaning these incoming packets (connections) would never reach their intended target, my IP address (my PC).

So I simply uninstalled this left over adapter.

I then rebooted my PC and tried Utorrent once again. Still had the same problem.

Now I had no idea what the problem could be...

I thought perhaps when un-installing the program and now this adapter that some how winsock had been corrupted.

Just like many spyware programs do after removing them.

So I downloaded a copy of WinSock XP Fix 1.2 from:


After running the program and repairing winsock I rebooted my PC and then my router.

I then tried Utorrent again, and what do you know, Utorrent is once again working perfectly. :D

So perhaps you might want to take a look at your installed network adapters in Device Manager.

And perhaps verifying that winsock has not been tampered with.

I highly recommend the program above. It will simply reset all winsock settings to their default values.

The easiest way to tell if you still have problems with Utorrent seeing incoming connections is to check via Help > Show statistics...

If there is still a problem you will notice that incoming conns since start is 0 (zero) .

After all this, Utorrent now reports network OK and speeds are back to normal at around 1MBps instead of 10KBps. :)

And Utorrent now sees incoming connections as it should.

In fact all programs do; so now I can finally run an ftp server too. :D

Finally everything is back as it should be...

Notice amount of incoming connections...


Well hope that helps someone out there...

Take Care,


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