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Yes, trackers ARE timing out!


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That's not only my problem, as a search will show.

I've posted before that trackers (and I mean large ones like Pirate Bay, etc) disconnects due to time-outs.

I've seen once they come back (reason unknown), downloading two torrents in which the same tracker was used (among others) and there was a time out in one torrent but not in the other, time outs when only seeding, etc.

Pls don't come with advises such as update to the latest version as it happens with 1.7.5 (first time I've noticed it), 1.7.7 (when tracker was OK in one torrent but timed out in another) and 1.8 latest beta (time out during seed only).

The only real way out is to close uT and restart.

There's a subtle bug somewhere!

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