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PFConfig is giving me a boatload of trouble. Need help.


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I already emailed the folks at PFConfig about this, but was given an automated email that states they will no longer help people over email. Sadly, I never bought and have no intention to buy their software, and they only give help now if you can give them your registration info. Seeing as how utorrent gives a direct link to the portforward.com site, where one downloads pfconfig, i figured this would be the best place to start.

This is the message I sent them:

When I downloaded pfconfig to see if it supported my router, I was planning on buying it if it did, and planning on uninstalling it if it did not.

It does not support my router, but just as I was about to uninstall, I am told that I can not by my control panel (see can not.jpg)! About to use the built in uninstaller, which seemed like the next logical step in getting rid of the program, I first did a virus scan with avast, and it appears your program has a virus (see pfconfig.jpg).

I am, of course, rather weary of using your built in uninstaller. Can you please explain to me why the uninstaller may be recognized as a virus, and what I can do to uninstall the program without damaging my system?

Can anyone help me here? I would appreciate it.

Thanks, utorrent forums!




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