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WebUI over internet (non-LAN)


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I've read the topics, and I've also searched... everything is setup properly. I can see webUI and interact from it within my LAN. I can connect to it via iPhone using uPhone add on... and also I have 2 utorrent gadgets for vista sidebar that allow me to interact and use webui...

BUT... why can't I connect to it from my laptop or another computer while I'm on the road or at a friends house using ie7 (atleast on my laptop)? I can understand a hotel might block certain ports from exiting possibly? or restrictions, but my friends house has non of that.

any ideas?? it tells me page is unavailable... I've tried using the ip:utport/gui (YES, gui)... my.dyndns.com:utport/gui... and also username:pwd@ both above addresses.

my current uT Port is 8081... would that make a difference? how is my gadgets bypassing something that I'm not on the same network?

thanks for the help...

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