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I don't want to know the program is running while surfing web


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Basically, normally i am used to a great internet connection where as long as i limit the upload i can download as fast as i want and no one will know on the network that their bandwidth is gone if they are surfing the web. my last house i could be downloading over 1000k a sec, be surfing the net, and on xbox live without knowing it. However, i am currently on dsl connection that isn't real great. Basically if i cap my download at 100k and my upload at 25k, browsing works...but you can tell something is slowing it down.

Are there any settings that would help me get the most download out of the situation without me being able to notice my torrents are running?

99% of the internet use here is just browsing the internet, but it needs to move fast while my torrents are running.

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thanks will do when i get a sec


i have read through your entire guide and most of it i already had setup. i changed a few things you recommended and still aweful.

i tested it by opening utorrent while running ping www.google.com /t. for first 10 seconds everything is fine, but then i get about 3-4 timeouts before ping returns which happens over and over again. i look at utorrent and i am only downloading at 30k which is nothing. then as soon as i shut it down, my ping comes back every time and i am able to browse the web at a normal rate.

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network status color: green check mark

port is open accepting connections

speedtest: roughly 4558kb/s down and 602kb/s up

net.max_halfopen set to 8

windows vista

no security software, windows firewall off

modem: EQ-660r

router: wpn824v2 (dhcp turned off to avoid double NAT)

ISP: embarq dsl

brand new install of windows vista

encryption disabled

the only thing that i have done that could possibly effect it that isn't listed is i did use tcp hack to increase the maximum number of simultaneous connections.

like i said i can't complain at the download speeds, utorrent works great. but when i cap the upload at 25 and the download at 50 and my browsing BARELY works, its a problem.

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