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Remove and delete .torrent


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I too, have found this frustrating.

When I select "Remove and > delete .torrent" utorrent will remove the torrent, but instead of deleteing the torrent file, it creates a copy of it in the recycle bin.

One manual fix at the user end is to open the torrent folder and the recycle bin side by side and 're-delete' the torrent file based on the filename of the copy in the recycle bin. Frustrating, but foolproof.

I love this torrent engine, and in spite of this frustration, this free engine is the best I've found. Keep up the good work.


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Thank you;

The setting under the first search result, Usage, is set to 'remove to trash if possible.' It's not that it's bypassing recycling, instead it's making a copy in recycling and leaving the original in my 'torrents' folder on the desktop.

On the second search result, Toolbar, my default location, and the location to which I store torrent files from my browser, and from which I launch them by double clicking, is C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Desktop\Greg's\Torrents. Is it possible that it is not working for me because I'm not using the default %AppData%\uTorrent, as described in Appendix B: Advanced Information?

I might be missing something, but I've gone through all the obvious settings and did several searches before I posted.

Again, thank you for your quick reply. After this evening I probably won't have access to this computer until Monday night, so If you reply, I'm not ignoring you.


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uT removes .torrent files saved by default in folder %appdata%\utorrent or in folder you set in Preferences > Directories but doesn't track any copy of each .torrent saved somewhere else on your drive.

So if C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Desktop\Greg's\Torrents is NOT the folder set in Preferences > Directories to store .torrents, that's nornal uT doesn't remove .torrents from this folder when you use 'Remove .torrent' or 'Remove .torrent + data'.

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Wow, you're fast.

Preferences > Directories

Checked check boxes are;

Put new downloads in;

Always show dialog on manual add;

Move completed downloads to;

Only move from the default download directory.

Unchecked chech boxes are;

Append the torrents label

Store .torrents in:

(I store with Opera, this should not make a difference.)

Move .torrents for finished jobs to:

Automatically load .torrents from:

Put new downloads in, is set to

C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Desktop\Greg's\Torrents

Move completed downloads to, is set to


I have made no changes to these settings in the last week but after what I found today I will be changing automattically load .torrents from in the near future.


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Following your settings, uT saves each .torrent file in folder %appdata%\utorrent by default, even if your web browser saves .torrents in C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Desktop\Greg's\Torrents.

You can easily test that removing a torrent job (remove .torrent + data e.g.) implies the removal of the .torrent saved in %appdata%\utorrent but NOT the same .torrent in C:\Documents and Settings\Guy\Desktop\Greg's\Torrents.

'Put new downloads in' & 'Move completed downloads to' concern data relative to .torrent files.

So if you uncheck 'remove to trash if possible', uT will trash the .torrent and/or data without moving them into trash bin.

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