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uTorrent crash when opening *.torrent file :-(


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Hello :-)

I have that problem... when I try to open that torrent file: <edited> utorrent crash :-(

Here are *.dmp files:




I hope that someone will be able to do something with this files :|


this file <edited> is crashing utorrent to :-(

Maybe ther is something with zip file handling? Or maybe this torrent files are somehow different from other files? Anybody have this problem to?


PS. sorry for my english.

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I found the problem, uTorrent contains a buffer that's too small to handle a polish language string, so it crashes.

If you switch to english language, it should work. That's why it worked for us.

Your crashdump was of great help. I've fixed the bug in the next version.


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Thank You ludde :-]

changing language helped :-)

And I'm glad that my crashdump files helped :-)


PS. Ups... I think that I break rule

- Links to external sites must not include trackers or sites linking to possibly illegal content or material which may infringe on the copyright of the respective authors. Examples of unwanted links: torrent search engines, trackers or sites of questionable legal status, etc.. Note that legal torrent sites may be freely linked to.

I am going to change my links immediately :-)

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