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If "bt.scrape_stopped" in the Advanced Options is changed to *True, ie. not the default choice, then scraping should continue on finished or otherwise stopped torrents, right?

This morning, I discovered this did not seem to be working when one of my stopped torrents showed 0(0) for seeds. The torrent had been stopped for at least eight hours. Since it was my own torrent, I started the torrent again and then it showed 0(3) after a few seconds. In other words, there were two other seeds present, which became three when I started the torrent again, but they were not shown while the torrent was stopped.

I find this function to be valuable to keep track of the seeds and peers of a torrent and hope this can be looked at to determine if it's working properly.

Oh, another thing - any chance of the Advanced Options being set into alphabetical order, so it's easier to find things?



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