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help with my speed


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i dont think my utorrent speed is where it should be it varies from 1kb/s to 60kb/s(down speed) my internet settings are:

934kb/s upload 252 kb/s

D-Link DI-624 connected to Motorolla Surfboard Modem

Cable connection with Rogers as the ISP

Windows Xp Sp3 with BitDefender Total Security 2008

here are my utorrent settings:

Network Status: yellow triangle

Checking port 45682 on

Error! Port 45682 does not appear to be open.

upload limit 25kb/s upload slots:3

connections 70 connections(global) 130

max active torrents 2 max active downloads 1

net.max_halfopen set to:8

id appreciate it if someone could look it over and give me a hand

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Rogers Cable ISP in Canada is among the most BitTorrent-hostile large ISP period.

Your upload speeds are likely really crap, unless it's to a peer that's also using Rogers.

Try the 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

The 1st for troubleshooting, the 2nd just to try slightly more conservative settings.

Motorolla Surfboard Modem can act as routers and firewalls as well, so you probably need to configure that as well. :(

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