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1. I realized that for my system if the start on system startup feature is used the speed guide of utorrent will not indicate the port is open even though there is the green tick. When restarting utorrent again it will then show port as opened. Anyway to resolve this?

2. If I could access utorrent with webui from remote computer outside my LAN, does this indicate the port is definitely open?

3. If I don't use UPnP port mapping, DHT and local peer discovery are disabled, do I still need to open the udp port in the router and firewall?

4. Also from Jetico firewall log during utorrent startup it always showed receive datagram, local port 0 and remote port 0 as blocked from some remote addresses. Obviously blocked because I did not open the 0 ports in Jectico. Would like to know if it is necessary to open this port for utorrent to function properly?


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