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My upload speed won't get much higher than 10 kb/s.

I already forwarded my port and I have a static one.

Also my IP is static.

The icon in the centre at the bottom of my screen keeps switching from yellow to green (but most of the time yellow).

I also checked the port again to be sure, but it says my port is OK.

Speedtests give results of +- 400 kb/s, so that won't be the problem either.

My uploadspeed is unlimited (0 kb/s in options).

Also the peer-dl. of the peer (there is just one atm) is 177 kb/s. I have no idea what it means, but perhaps it helps you finding my problem :).

I hope I gave enough info.

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You didn't give connection type, rated speeds both down and up, ISP and country/region, whether the ISP throttles BitTorrent traffic, or a whole long list of things that might help. :(

So I'm just going to guess you're on a smaller ISP somewhere in the Netherlands?

Is it a DSL line?

And are you >3 KM from the central exchange (or >3 KM from center of nearest town if you don't know that) if it's DSL?

Setting upload speed max to unlimited in uTorrent is VERY bad. If you don't know what your ISP's max upload rate is, try 100 KiloBYTES/second at first and increase or decrease that amount by 10 KiloBYTES/second until it's stable.

uTorrent's other settings have at least a marginal effect on upload speed. And they all need to be balanced to a degree -- you shouldn't have 10+ torrents going at once with otherwise dial-up like settings.

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I have cable from Zeelandnet.

3 mb/s download and 512 kb/s upload.

But speedtests give (ofc) lower results: +- 2 mb/s download and 350-400 kb/s upload.

Edit: I am having just one torrent atm and I already finished downloading, so I'm only uploading.

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Here's the stickler though... Your theoretical maximum for uploads is 512/8 (or 64 KiBps) but you may only see 400 (50 KiBps).

After doing as Switeck says with checking your Speed tab for a consistent (horizontal upload line) rate, see if lowering peers-per torrent and/or forced encryption help.

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You don't want it any higher than 64... period, on that linespeed.

If you use uT 1.8 you can actually set it to 64, and turn on Ctrl-P -> net.calc_overhead and it will keep you under your limit... scaling as you download more. With it off you want to set it to 70-85% of 64 to allow for this scalable overhead. There's not much else you can do as an end-user under certain network management practices of your ISP. If you want to research more of what you can do, check out "VPN" or "ssl tunnel"... it involves making a local redirect on your port to a SSL proxy (or so they say, I've never tried it). This can keep most but the sneakiest DPI hardware from keeping you from getting what you pay for.

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