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What's your statistics? And how many packets did you send/receive?


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Heh, you're not alone. :P This stupid PC can't hold the load more than 11 days, which is my current "record", established only once. On the 10th day things are going very slowly, menu's take a while to pop up, general sluggishness, you name it. On the 11th day it either restarts itself, or things become so sluggish (like menu's take literally ages to pop up etc.) that it'll eventually freeze and only a hard-reset can bring it back. Do me a favor, and don't ever order a Dell PC. Their notebooks and LCD's are great, but stay away from their desktops. It's nothing but a horrible experience... :(

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Ok here I go: my sent/receive should be higher, but sometimes I lose my connection if a wire gets hit or moved (shoddy cable/internet installation...)



And mine shows bytes too, and Im on cable. Might be a setting to make it show packets, dont know.

I did find this bit of info (dont know how accurate it is) about the bytes vs. packets thing: "This issue is dependent on the net card's driver, some drivers support bytes and packets, some only support packets. The display is in bytes if the card's driver supports it, otherwise it falls back to packets."

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