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What's your statistics? And how many packets did you send/receive?


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Wimps. :P

(Damn, some of you have freaky damn styles. 1c3, why the hell is your font so big? :o)

Here's mine...


(In order: µTorrent stats ~ desktop LAN stats (bytes/packets is set by the driver, impossible to modify) ~ server LAN stats (see the uptime!))

And check out the filenames on those images too. Though I'd hate for utorrent.com to be %B5torrent.com :P

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it would be xn--torrent-jof.com actually if using IDN (and the correct codes are C2 B5, not B5)

in any case, here's a tip: Alt PrintScreen to capture the active window instead of the entire desktop

I always do that (I did for the desktop shots but alt+print screen caused it to PrtScrn the whole server remote desktop window). It's just that I have a goofy OSX theme. ;)

And, uhhhrm, what the hell is IDN? :o

As far as the codes in the image name, I named the file µTStatsX.png, I guess something got lost in the upload. Meh...

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Falcon4: the fonts are so big because I run @ 1920x1200. :P No need to strain my eyes if I can make the fonts bigger. ;)

*switches to 1280x1024 @ 120dpi

Well, this'll definately take a little getting used to, but I might as well make use of my video card and monitor's capabilities! :D

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