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What's your statistics? And how many packets did you send/receive?


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A year or 2 ago, I saw online about a server motherboard with dual 10 Gbps LAN cards on board. That definitely put the LAN cards wired directly into the north bridge, as the south bridge is generally 32bit/33 Mhz PCI-speeds or slower.

Btw, most 1 Gbps LAN cards right now can't reach more than ~400 Mbps utilization. I've seen tests done on them and many could barely reach 150 Mbps speeds. Seems to have a lot to do with packetsize and latency. 100 Mbps uses packets up to 1500 bytes, 1 Gbps uses up to 4 KB packets or possibly larger...and simply can't get the higher speeds with smaller packetsizes.

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Most server boards use 64 bit wide PCI-buses with 66 MHz bus speed, which gives them a transferspeed of 512MB/s. I think they are still on the south bridge though.

Edit: The maximum speed I've achieved through the Gb-NIC is around 50MB/s, but whether it's the NIC or the HDDs that are limiting the speed, I'm not sure. I've only managed to get the writespeed to 50MB/s on my drives.

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well i have a 100/100 mbit connection dunno if it's half or full dupelx, i have BBB as ISP maybe someone else know if it's half or full.

but i do not have the computer to handle it :(

btw i don't know why i have a 100mbit upload, but i do, should only be 10 mbit. but i'm happy :)


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