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What's your statistics? And how many packets did you send/receive?

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this is amazing

whats ur connection and since when u have this prog open

well at least i beat u in dloads

100/10 Mbit/s.

Just count the hours, but sometime since 2007 I think.

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ok i only have 6/1mbit connection

well i should add my 2002-2007 era where i was using bittornado

this should add an other 40000 hours and probly an other 5tb dloads

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Uploading terabytes and shutting down the program 3077 times don't seem to be compatible. Well, it is possible to shut it down every day, but not when you're a dedicated seeder.


µTorrent 1.6.1, my main program for about 7 years. Now seeding only private music and other small torrents. Started 114 times should be accurate.




µTorrent 2.0.4, split off bulky video torrents, and sites forbidding the use of old versions. It has been launched 116 times because a few times the program has become hung with 100% cpu usage if I abuse it with huge torrents.




µTorrent 2.0.4 public torrents, the bottomless insatiable pit



Separate copy routed through a slow 8 Mbit Wireless link as a backup seed and speed boost for some larger files. Most of the time one user gets all the b/w.


A copy for unsorted "free leech" torrents (unmetered downloads, rarely announced, require adding hundreds of files at once)


I can easily manage different torrent categories like this. Public torrents can be easily throttled at once, and so can large video torrents. I use the scheduler to stop them during evening hours. I tend to forget to assign "labels". The programs have different colored icons and UI design to remind me where I am.




Packets. The statistics are for the current uptime session of the RouterBoard only. I don't know how to interpret them. Apparently 60 GB is accumulated by links that are down. I have two WAN links, one wireless. No uploads are active at the moment. It shows 11 TBs up.

The rough totals are: 31 TB / 5 TB.


My images are small, so I attached them, to make sure they don't get removed by a webhoster.







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