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Why is my upload speed 3x faster than download -read all stickies alre


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I get 8 mb/s avg download and 1.6 upload on the DSL reports

BUT when I use Utorrent 1.7.7 the download rate is 1/10th the speed of the upload??

Why? How am I downloading only 25kps and uploading 250? Seems like somethings really whacky or misconfigured.

The downloads are running at 1/32nd of the possible max and the uploads are nearly at max.

Hate to use this metaphore but so what I am GIVING more than I am receiving and this sux!!~!

I have

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I'm sorry but you seem to be on ComCast.

They have temporary speedboost that gives speed tests results far higher than SUSTAINABLE download and upload speeds for your connection.

You might have 1 megabits/second sustainable upload speed...but even then ComCast is known to disrupt BitTorrent traffic, resulting in lower+bursty speeds on both up and down.

You probably need to disable DHT, UPnP, LPD, and Resolve IPs.

Also, disable incoming legacy connections AND set outgoing encryption to FORCED.

You'll also probably need very conservative uTorrent settings...100's of connections on the same port is an obvious flag for ISPs to spot, throttle, disrupt, and disconnect!

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I don't know if you managed to sort it with the advice given but what i would suggest is to limit your port connections as Switek suggested, override manual settings and in the options have your settings to "show speed in toolbar" and right click over the speed displayed in the bottom right corner. Set your upload speed to 6kbs for 1 file download and your speed should increase dramatically (if my upload is 50kbs i get 20kbs download, if its 8 i get 500-600kbs!) as your uploads are using most your bandwith. After a minute or so right click again and set to 8 and keep doing this until you get your fastest speed which is normally between 6-10kbs upload per torrent but below 6 will limit your download to 30. If you do it this way you'll get your fastest speed but with more than 1 torrent, as soon as 1 finishes, stop it as that will also slow you down if it's seeding but when you finish DON'T FORGET to start them seeding again for peers. Hope this helped.

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If everyone's upload speed is set really low, then likewise everyone's download speeds will drop like a brick. So no, giving advice to lower your upload to 6 KiloBYTES/second is generally a bad idea.

I don't recommend setting upload speed faster than ~80% max...and for some connections even ~50% max is better. (Shared connections may require lower settings, IF it can be assumed others are using significant quantities of upload bandwidth/speed as well.)

The problem is, most people have no clue what their upload max is...and try to use their download max in Speed Guide, so naturally their download and upload speeds suffer.

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