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Re-adding a torrent


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After downloading a .torrent i choose to Right click -> Remove from utorrent. After confirming /verifying the file I wish to place it back into utorrent for seeding.

Taking into account that the file I wish to seed does not need to be uploaded to a torrent site because of the availability, but merely wish to have it seeded from my computer, ive found that http://www.utorrent.com/torrent.php is not what i am looking for as after following Adding a torrent i am sitting with 0(1) seeds and 0(0) peers even though its the same as what i downloaded.

Does it matter that if what was downloading was a series of files and is in a folder that was automatically created by the torrent download? All i want to do is to have a torrent that i downloaded and removed from my list to be re-added to be able to seed it.

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