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Getting 0 seed and peers constantly


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Hey guys recently formatted my computer just re-installed utorrent etc. Since i re-installed on every torrent i try to download i get 0 peers and 0 seeds on every single torrent cant say its just coinsidence seriously. Every torrent 0 peer 0 seeds im guessing something is wrong here. Iv opened my port etc done everything to make my connection better etc nothing seems to be working :(

Someone please help me wanna download :(


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Oh My God! I solved the problem, after deep (really deep!) research I realized whats the problem, see if u try any other torrent program it won't work, so I figured what does all these programs have in common?! its P2P Sharing! so this happened because when u formated ur system u didnt enable the p2p sharing, so here is how to enable the p2p sharing:

1- Goto the "Control Panel"

2- Press "Add or Remove Programs"

3- Choose the "Add/Remove Windows Components" tab on the left

4- A window will pop, search for "P2P Networking" or "Peer-to-Peer Networking" if you find it check it, if not then search for "Network Services" and double click it, then check "Peer-to-Peer", then press ok, then next.

5- Install it and hopefully utorrent will work again! Enjoy :)

Still won't work? Contact ur ISP provider, because sometimes the Connection itself is the problem.

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