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Unfinished downloads and two(multi) trackers


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Is there any way to upload unfinished torrent among other trackers with same hash while downloading.

For example:

There is tracker (Tracker1) with nessesary torrent with seeds and tracker (Tracker2) where upload of this torrent just started. My usual strategy is to leech torrent from Tracker1 and then join onto Tracker2 uploading (with hash rechecking).

So, does it possible to leech from Tracker1 and upload already downloaded parts to Tracker2 at the same time?

Moreover, on Tracker1 i got outstanding ratio and doesn't need to take downloaded bytes into account, while on Tracker2 i'm just registered and need to increase ratio. So, it's should be something like :

Tracker1 download (upload not actually nessesary) and Tracker2 only Upload, same time.

Best Regards.

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In this case i should download every single file from torrent manually skipping others, then rehashing again. That's what i do in same torrent client already, since announce trackers different. But my main idea was in sharing PARTS, which i've already downloaded, so this method could work in 1 file situation.

I'm looking for something like "real time gateway" between two trackers.

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