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Port Forwarding Without A ROUTER


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Hello ..

i have adsl connection ! 1mbps

utorrent was working fine .. i traveled .. just got back evrything changed ..

i looked up this problem still no answer to slove it .

even in this site it sayed my isp didnt block torrents ..


and the port that i got .. 6881

but that port is blocked in many registerd trackers .. ;//

i read the setup page ..

i searched this forum .. still cant figure a way to make the red light and the error go away .. even tried random ports manytimes .. but still nothing happened and can not forward my port .

I'm not connecting to any peers ! the only time that my download start moving .. its when a new leecher has come !

dont know how to explain it ..

look at this pic


when those 2 go inside the brackets !

download stops .. and it hardly moves ..

i went through the setup guide in this site .. still nothing changed .

im using utorrent 1.8 Beta Build 11140

Enabled Protocol Encryption.

no problems with the firewall .

UPnP is enabled !


vista home edi.

no router

and i have a static ip .

please do help .. and i hope i have given all the required info .

Best regards,


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Well you need to Find out 1st if the Modem is a Combo unit, so Do this Goto Start/ RUN in the Command Prompt type in IPCONFIG /ALL .. Note your IP & DEFAUT GATEWAY what are the 1st 2 set of Numbers of your IP?? ie..192.168 / 10.0 / 172.0

If it is a Private IP then it is more than likely configured as a router but it could also be your ISP's Firewall if it is just a modem.

Find the Make & Model of your Modem then goto PortForward.com and follow the Guides there, But to access a Router you need to know the Default Gateway then in a Browser type in the Default Gateway, that should access your Router menus so you can PF.

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my ip yes it is private .. 61.17.78.**

and default gateway 61.17.78.*

almost as the ip!

i have no clue where is the modem and where its located .. so info about the model or router are nill !

all i have in my house is just a cable .. even went through my building roof .. looking around still didnt find a thing ..

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okik .. my info is not that great about ips ..

its DSL .. im staying in a normal building !

all i have to get the internet is a cable ..

my guess is that cable is connected to a router which i have no access too .

and i checked my isp it did not block p2p traffic as this site saied


and i already mentioned all the info ..

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okik if nothing is blocking me .. but im still not able to forward the port .. NAT problem still on and very slow speed mostly no speed at all .

regarding the IPconfig , the internet people they are the ones who came and done it all .. problem was the people who has come .. they speak no english ! so couldnt get anything out of them .

Thanks buddy for evrything , i hope i can find a way to solve this issue .

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I"m having the same problem here,

and my download speed is like 0.7 and it's killing me, I cant forward a port,

I have no router, I have the getaway but when I put it in my browser the main page of the company appears to me. please help me out to solve this issue, ( NAT problem ) is killing me.

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