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Vote site for the new logos.


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To make it easier for r00ted, I decied to make a vote site.

Right now the vote is only about two logos, BSH's Bee logos or Shrills Tribal guy.

You should vote for the one you like the most.

Also, please motivate why you voted on the specific logo.

But shrill fans, please give BSH's bee a chance,

because you have for a month or so like the tribal guy and BSH's logo is new.

Anyway, here us the vote site =


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BSH's bees kick phenominal amounts of ass.

Strictly my opinion;

I still don't get why Shrill's wasp/bee has a dislocated stinger...or a lack of wings for that matter. The bee is supposed to represent lightweight ferocity coupled with speed. A wingless insect with a fractured stinger represents this how? The transparent tribal guy just looks like a possessed apple with a spear.

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Sure, in the end, its ludde that decides, but he himself said it was hard and

he would like others opinions as well.

So to make it easier for ludde by showing what people think about the logos,

what logos they like the most :);)

ehm' date=' so why did you voted for shrill's green tribal guy if you like BSH's bee's so much? :P[/quote']


Check yourself, mate. You're losing it.

when I checked the vote count after you posted,

there was only one vote and it was on nr 2, the green tribal guy. :P

Anyway, it might have been a bug or something ;)

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I like that one, but Black and white doesn't do it for me, I changed some shading, added colors and nerfed the background to transparent, I think they make a nice avatars, good for promotion of the program regardless if the design gets to be the logo

The color is only limited by the rainbow



Someone who doesn't know is surely gona ask "WTF is a uTorrent?" and there is your chance to bring one more over to our side :)

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Thats why I hate multiple themed sites lol, in any case, backgrounds are easier to add than remove, if someone wants to use one they can easily add their own background to suit the site they are using.

Try looking at them in the default phpbb blue, or any theme with a light background :P

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