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RSS Reader - GUI Bug


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I added two feeds (we'll call them GPL1 and GPL2, and say they have GPL software posts on them for this discussion). As they are both the same general type of feed, there's the occasional overlap. This didn't seem to be a problem, as µTorrent intelligently only downloaded the match from the first feed in my favourites list. Based on that behaviour, I -think- the bug is limited to the UI, and not the actual RSS scanning and downloading (though I have not been able to do extensive testing yet).

When I go to the releases tab, the name of the feed box is on the default (All) but it is only showing releases from GPL1. If I select either GPL1 or GPL2, it shows properly. If after selecting either of these feeds and then going back to (All), it shows releases from both feeds. Pressing "Update Now", will show releases from both feeds after the update. If I go to another tab and then return to the Releases tab, it once again only shows GPL1 releases.

Obviously, we can expect bugs since this is just a beta, I am posting here so it can get fixed before general release.

(System Info Just In Case)

µTorrent 1.3.1 BETA (build 380)

Windows XP Service Pack 2

Marvell Ethernet Card

Connecting to DSL via a D-Link router

Network OK is given

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