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[HELP] tracker problem


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i have recently changed some settings that led to tracker problems

"(red download icon) means the torrent is downloading, but there is a tracker error" FAQ

some of the advance settings i have changed include:

1. bt.allow_same_ip

2. bt.enable_tracker

3. bt.no_connect_to_services

4. bt.send_have_to_seed

5. gui.bypass_search_redirect

6. gui.delete_to_trash

7. net.outgoing_port to *50

8. net.wsaevents to *150

9. peer.disconnect_inactive_interval to *900

10. queue.dont_count_slow_dl

11. queue.dont_count_slow_ul

12. rss.update_interval to *20

i'm using a router with upnp disabled and port forwarded it successfully

i hope someone can solve my problem, perhaps by telling me which settings created the tracker problem so that i can restore them to default ssettings

Thank You=)

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That Youtube video probably tells you how to sabotage your connection+computer in 5 easy steps. :P

You can certainly try changing all the settings back and trying both the 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

Did uTorrent's logs give more details about the type/nature of the tracker error?

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Reset them all to default. Knowledge without understanding is useless.

If you check out the Manual and read the section on the Ctrl-P -> Advanced options you'll know what they do so you can decide if you need to change them.

Tweaking should only be done after you've already setup your connection. The http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php works as a starting point. From there testing your speed and upload/download speeds using the http:///slackware.com/torrents/ as a benchmark is a good next step.

Responding to the video is nothing new to here: Connections per torrent 1890?!?! The guy must be wanting your client to behave like shit. No joke. You'll notice an increase in bandwidth that's for sure.. due to the overhead (data which is transmitted which doesn't actually apply to the torrent). Most people never need to use alternate IP / bind ip. The outgoing port shouldn't be set below 1024 because those are reserved port "registered" with certain protocols, i.e. 80 is for HTTP. WSAEvents works on default settings, and USEFUL guides mention reducing the number, not increasing it that drastically. Don't you think 8->150 almost a 20-fold increase sounds a bit fishy? OF THE CHANGED SETTINGS, disconnect inactive, rss update, and queue options can be changed safely and do help with lessening your bandwidth use when isolated.

So, it's no surprise you have tracker problems... go through the Setup Guide on the guides page, and see if that solves your problems immediately. If not, please feel free to describe what you did and how your uT behaves now. :)

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