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I am using the latest uTorrent 1.8-beta-11140.

Created two RSS Feeds. Torrents were automatically loaded.

I deleted a few torrents I did not like. But why are they keeping coming loaded back? Feed history should indicate they were loaded before and prevent them coming back, right?

Is there any setting to check?

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How does smart episode filter work?

"Do NOT turn this option on if the episode number isn't parseable (shows ? for all episodes)!"

One of my RSS feeds which is the concern here are not TV shows, but some other documentary films. In the file names, there are no episode number. So I can not turn on "smart episode filter."

But if I do not like some of the titles, and delete the torrents. The history file will not be recorded as they have been downloaded. So they will keep coming back to uTorrent.

What should I do?

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