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Port forwarding and Utorrent


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I read the most recent posts regarding uTorrent and a few guides in an attempt not to duplicate previous questions. Basically it appears that I am unable to forward ports to my machine.

My DHCP range is -

My port in uTorrent is 56881 (I have tried a wide variety of other ports)

My static IP is set to (ipconfig verifies this is working properly)

Windows Firewall is disabled (I tried first verifying that proper exceptions were setup and then I just disabled it)

Port forwarding is set on my firewall for 56881, after repeatedly having no success I just went ahead and set DMZ to, still no luck.

My router is a D-Link DIR-655, I have UPnP disabled. I am running WIRED and not wireless at the moment.

I tried all the same steps with my previous router, a Linksys WRT300N before I decided my router might be junk and bought the D-Link however it has corrected nothing.

I have no other firewall software installed except Windows Firewall which is disabled as I mentioned before.

I have been trying to verify this within uTorrent by going down to Options/Speed Guide and clicking "Test if port is forwarded properly" and each time it comes up:

Checking port 56881 on 75.166.-.- ....

Error! Port 56881 does not appear to be open.

Also my little red circle within uTorrent is up and says "Listen Error, you should change the listen port" however I have changed it numerous times.


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Hi, !st thing your Static IP is Wrong you need to set it so it is Outside the range of your Start & End DHCP's IP. so you can set it to .205 or .50.

Also if you are on DSL What is the Make & Model of your Modem?? Usually you would like to select a port between 10000-50000 these higher Ports are usually not blocked by Most ISP's.

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