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Remove some feeds in RSS


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I am downloading movies using RSS with the latest uTorrent build.

As soon as RSS is updated in uTorrent window, movies titles torrents will be automatically loaded.

But if I do not want to download some of the titles, what should I do?

1. If I turn on the smart episode filter, uTorrent will stop loading new feeds.

"Smart ep. filter makes µTorrent only download the first version of each new episode that matches your filter. Do NOT turn this option on if the episode number isn't parseable (shows ? for all episodes)!"

So I can not turn on this filter, since there is no episode number.

2. If the titles are not completely downloaded, it won't be recorded in history. Even after removal, it will be kept re-loaded back.

What is your suggestion? Is this a bug or a new feature request?

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I just want some of the title removed, not all, after I make the selection.

I do want the RSS feed loaded automatically. Your suggestion will not work.

Is RSS feature in uTorrent designed just for TV episode? Why can't be more flexible for other than TVs?

Any suggestion on this?

Do I need to finish the downloading, even I do not want some of the feeds? Can uTorrent record the deleted ones into the history file? It should be easy.

Can uTorrent add a switch in preference to accommodate this?

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