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Download speed lowers at end?


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I have been using µTorrent for some days now to download a big file. The speed was around 150 kb/s so it took some hours to download it.

The problem is however and this happens more often to things I download. Just when a download is almost finished, the download speed really lowers down. In the example it went from 150kb/s to 0.2kb/s, júst some seconds before the download would be complete. Now, it would take me an additional 6 hours before the download would be complete because of the low download speed.

So my question is, how can the downloadspeed so dramaticly lower just before a download finishes?

Thanks in advance,


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I have seen your signature and I think this is the case for me:

3. There is small number of seeds (or even zero) but percent the of downloaded data by the peers being close to 100% is raising (even slowly, but is raising). Eventually, they can achieve 100% and seed status.

- this torrent is still seeded for first time (or is being reseeded). It should be ok to continue download it.

Because I got no seeders (0/25) but I'm still downloading (~0.1kb/s). Does this mean I got to wait for another 5 hours before the download is finished?

I realise the percentage is on 100% but as you can see aswell it is still downloading and I never got a popup that my download was ready. And further I saw the last couple of seconds before the download should stop the download speeds lowering to 0.1 kb/s.

A screen to make it perhaps a bit more clear:


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There is no popup unless you count the balloon tooltip in the system tray when the download changes to seeding status. The only way you could NOT be done is if you selectively downloaded files in the Files tab (i.e. not real seeding).

As soon as your STATUS column in the main torrent pane changes from downloading to seeding, your torrent is finished. The negligible download you are seeding especially in that graphic is due to the overhead necessary between peers to communicate piece requests, ACKs, etc.

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