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Slow download speeds, never green light but configured as best I can..


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Hello hello and hello

Okay I've spent a few days on the utorrent forums, reading Ultima's speed checks and manual, and reading other people's issues but I am still stumped.

I've been using utorrent for a while now and I just don't get decent speeds. I admit that when I download something that has 0 leechers and 100+ seeds I have great speeds (70-150k) but recently it has just been terrible. 0.9k and 7k max. Now these have been with reasonable seeded files.

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

utorrent: 1.7.7

Firewall: McAfee security centre and Windows Firewall (all accepting utorrent)

Internet: fairly good bt connection with 2mb

Router: Netgear (although this is just temporary and results were still the same with old router)

My utorrent speed settings are as followed:


Port: 6690

and I have gone through all the speed checks that Ultima has posted.

So I'm not sure what other information you need to help so I apologise if I missed anything out but I'll help as much I can.



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British Telecom in the UK throttle BitTorrent traffic (if their networking equipment can identify it...but it seems it can) to ~25 KiloBYTES/second max at least during "peak hours" now. :(

Maybe in the dead of night from ~2 AM to ~7 AM you might get better speeds.

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Weird. Well right now I'm in Munich, and have been for three months, but I am going back to the UK in a week. Just seems weird that I seem to get the same problems over two networks. Not sure what they use here.

Maybe it is just a whole throttle thing.

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LOTS of ISPs worldwide throttle BitTorrent heavily now. :(

However your problem/s may still be something on your computer slowing uTorrent down.

Have you asked around/done internet searches to determine if the slow speeds you're seeing is due to that ISP throttling BitTorrent traffic?

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BitTorrent will invent something else soon I bet and cure all our speed problems and will go undetected ;)

And no not yet. I just figured it was a problem that you guys had maybe dealt with before. That's cool. I'll have a look around. I'm only here for a week more so it doesn't matter that much but it was just in case the problem was similar back home.


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