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I have a huge problem with my P2P


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Hi guys

this is my first topic please help me

I dont have a router or modem, I got the service from an Internet provider

and they are using a complicated system I only know something

that the icon never turns green and it was yellow but now it's red, but I still can download, but limited, I cant forward any port and everytime I put a port it's the same, nothing changes, I dont know how to fix it but I need to fix it, and with your help guys I can do that, can you tell me how to fix it,

thank you in advance.


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If you don't have any devices between you and your ISP, and you don't have any software firewalls, your ISP simply blocks ports and you won't be able to do anything about forwarding. You MIGHT be able to get full download speed similar to HTTP with bittorrent if you employ some sort of tunnel for your connection.

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