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I need to install a new HD.


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Thank You!

Well I have tried to make sense of the information in the reference file you provided, but so far my pea brain just can't seem to get it.

I have one 300GB HD dedicated to torrent files.

I have three folders on that drive F:\...



F:\xFinished Torrent Seed Files

During the download, all partial files reside in the "Downloading" folder.

After they have finished downloading they automatically go to the "Seeding" folder.

After seeding they go to the "finished Torrent Seed Files" Folder.

Some of the files in the "Downloading" folder appear to have partially completed and are readable, but most are not now that I have installed a new hard drive. .

I don't see any extra file extensions on any of files in the three folders, just the standard... rar, exe, pdf etc.

I realize that I must be doing something wrong to get this result; I just don't know what it is.

Any suggestions or directions would be appreciated.



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