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Just upload while file is incomplete


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hi. imagine you are downloading a file. youve got 20% so far. but your racio is really bad (on ALT-tracker really important)

so you have to stop downloading the file, and just seed it.

There is no way in utorrent to do so. the only thing you could to is to go to

the propertis of the file, and set the maximum download rate to 1 kb/s. but this isnt working that good (comparing with bitcomet for example)

maybe there is a simple way of implenting that feature in a future version of utorrent?

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I believe it means you should go to:

Options -> Preferences -> Advanced Options -> diskio.use_partfile

and double-click it to turn it off (*false).

From the FAQ:

"diskio.use_partfile is used to store data that is downloaded of files that you marked as "Do not download." This is necessary to prevent the file from being allocated. It stores the parts of the files that come with a piece, since µTorrent must download and save the entire piece, which can include data for files you didn't want to download. Generally, you should avoid using this in conjunction with compact allocation."
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k, now i disablead the diskio.use_partfile, as sanctimoniousApe told me (by setting it to *false)

i selected the torrent, chose files, then marked them all, selected don't download, and now every file has the priority "skip".

it should work by now, but it doesn't :(

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