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Step by step help with Utorrent torrent transfers


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Ok. I know this is generally in the FAQ. I looked. It did not make a whole lot of sense to me and could not specifically find what I wanted.

I'm about to reinstall my OS. My torrents that i'm half way through are on drive D:. I don't know where the default place for the .torrent things are placed.

So could someone be kind enough to give me step by step instructions to tell me, once the new OS is loaded in and Utorrent installed again, how to get the torrents to continue?

I'm guessing I need to do this once the above is done:

1) Click file (in Utorrent) and click add torrent and find the .torrent files (no idea where they are)

2) Then some how tell Uttorent where my actual download contents is (?)

See! I have no idea. Please go easy on me and explain step by step.

I thank you.


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