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Failure notice tracker status


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In my Utorrent programm I got an message which I don't understand.

Behind tracker status there is a message :"Anti-cheater=You cannot use this agent"

What does this mean?

Why can't I download anymore?

Can anyone help me in this?


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I don't think it's a tracker error.

Because when I sign in at a new tracker site and I try to download, I got the same message.

In dutch I receive this message :

Failure:U bent betrapt op vals spel. En uw gegevens zijn opgeslagen.

translated : You have been caught in cheating. Your records are stored.

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I have sent these message to several tracker sites, they don't know either.

The don't give this message they say.

I get this message from several sites when I try to download a torrent.

I try to use another download client, like bitcomet, same message shows up.

This could not be someone from Utorret itself?

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