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Slow Speeds (all specifics listed) plz assist


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Speed for download rate is around 5.5 kb/s and maxing around 6.3 kb/s. Considering this is how its been for as long as I've had the program I had thought it was normal but after reading a few posts on how some people are complaining about 100.0 kb/s plus. I decided I could try and solve my issue and actually download a file within a day instead of a week.

Location: Eastern Seaboard US

Internet: Cable

Router: Yes

Firewall: None

Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2

System Specs: Intel Pentium 4 Core Processor, 2 gigs of ram,

U-Torrent Settings -

Upload: 1 kbs

Download: Unlimited

Port: Is green and checked and tested


General: skipped

Downloads: skipped

Connections: Enable UPnP port mapping, Enable NAT -PMP port mapping, and Add uTorrent to Firewall exceptions (Firewall isn't even on) ALL ENABLED/CHECKED.

BitTorrent: Global Max # connections = 250

Max # connected peers per torrent = 90

# uploaded slots per torrent = 4

Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% is ENABLED/CHECKED

<Additional BitTorrent Features>

All of the following in this catagory are checked except: Limit local peer bandwidth, and IP/Hostname to report to tracker: is unfilled out

also Outgoing: Enabled and checked.

Queueing: Max # active torrents = 3

Max # active downloads = 2

<Seed While>

Ratio is: 150 (Ignore)

Anything not listed is either unchecked or unimportant to me at the momment. If there is any information I have to supply that I haven't I shall I just wish to boost my speeds.

I have tried this with and without a router and a hard connection into my computer I do everything wired no wireless. Speeds don't vary at all as of yet, I have read the forum help guide and I can't say any of that assisted me with my problem.

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My apologies if I'm hijacking this thread, by accident. I just wanted to know how to "port forward" my connection. Obviously, I'm a newbie at uTorrent and I just started using it.

I use the Westell 6100 modem. I've read the Wikipedia and PortForwarding (plus modem article) but it was no help. The PortForwarding article was too dated.

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BitTorrent protocol is based on tit-for-tat. You GIVE to GET.

Your upload is someone else's download, and vice-versa.

Peers often give more than 40% of their upload speed to whoever is uploading the fastest to them, and give little-to-nothing to the slowest uploader.

However unlimited upload speed is bad too...you NEED to set max upload speed in uTorrent at or below your sustainable max upload speed -- especially if sharing the line!

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Switeck may I ask how can I figure out what my maximum upload sustainable speed is? I have my information listed above and its all still the same, I have 0 firewalls and my router wasn't part of the problem, it was just upload speed, but whats my perfect upload speed for perfect sharing, I am the only 1 on the line at the momment for my router, it shares with no one and is not wireless.

Because it seems that at the current momment I am a really great uploader but my download is not even comparable, which means its not a fair relationship. I am all for giving but how do I recieve equal or close to?

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You didn't mention what ISP you're with (which can affect which encryption settings you'll probably need), nor the official speed of the line as said by the ISP.

Some ISPs are doing region or town-specific extreme throttling...you'll have to use GOOGLE searches or get lucky asking around locally to find out about your area.

There are online speed tests you can do which tell how fast regular web traffic (HTTP type) can be uploaded and downloaded. The results of those tests are critically important...as they're the upper limit of the highest values that might work ok in uTorrent.

Lastly, just how fast is uTorrent uploading right now?

Does the upload speed remain nearly constant at the current upload speed max like it should?

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My current ISP is Comcast, and as far as "encryption settings", I'm not sure I follow.

As for my Upload and Download rates they jump all over the place. For example: I started utorrent and my upload rate went up to 81 kb/s then dropped all the way to a low 21 kb/s and then up to 43 kb/s all in 1 minute, so sometimes it will be up in the hundreds then later down in the double digets.

Its never constant which I'm not sure if thats normal or not. My Upload and Download are both set to UNLIMITED at this momment.

And spead tests, you were speaking of something to the effect of http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/

The results were: Download = 18362 kbps Upload = 1400 kbps

of course these are just from 1 biased test but then again its all numbers and not opinions.

EDIT: The results for download rate seem to vary around 2000 per test, so 2000 up or down. While results for Upload vary around 20.

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some guys told that if the port is yellow sign.change the yellow to green by going to speed guide,

port forward after it will go to a link utorrent and then it is showing error

tell me what to do email me at : mail2jaseel@gmail.com

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That means in theory you have about 1-2 megabits/second upload speed.

Whether ComCast lets you use it all for BitTorrent traffic is a totally different question. :(

Right now though, I'm seed-only uploading in uTorrent at 125 KiloBYTES/second -- pretty close to 1 megabits/second upload speed. I was told by ComCast technicians that is the max upload speed of my connection...as I have the 6mbps down/1mbps up line.

uTorrent has encryption settings options under (CTRL+P) preferences, BitTorrent section. Disabling all the Basic BitTorrent features (DHT, LPD) except maybe "peer exchange" and possibly "ask tracker for scrape information"...may make uTorrent's traffic harder for the ISP to spot.

However even that often isn't enough to avoid an ISP's traffic shaping/blocking/disrupting. Some ISPs throttle all unknown/encrypted traffic...or determine BitTorrent traffic based on other behavior/s. Reducing global and per-torrent max connections really low (like 20 at most) plus reducing half open connection max to 0-4 in uTorrent's advanced settings hides perhaps a little better from some ISPs...though this seems to have no effect on ComCast.


We know nothing about your setup to tell you what to do.

You can try going to www.portforward.com and visiting their routers section to solve the problem/s yourself.

...Just remember some MODEMS also contain hidden routers/firewalls!

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"plus reducing half open connection max to 0-4 in uTorrent's advanced settings hides perhaps a little better from some ISPs"

That was the only thing I did not find and disable, the rest of it I did.

So what your saying is my service provider is actually cutting my internet speed when I'm downloading torrents or uploading torrents? Because if they are thats kind of total bullshit, I pay for a monthly service I should recieve a constant connection, so is what I'm getting at right?

P.S. - About modems having hidden firewalls, how can I figure if mine does...?

Modem = RCA Model # = DCM425

P.S.S. - My speeds are already back down to like 1.3 kb/s after all these changes I've gone through, but it may be torrent related because my upload is at 71 kb/s.

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please help

i have been having problems. i have now got a green circle but my speeds are really slow can anybody help me. my u speed is 263kbps and down speed is 1376kbps.my upload limit is 22kbps and i cant change it. i have selected connection type 256k but nothing changes am i doing it right.

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"plus reducing half open connection max to 0-4 in uTorrent's advanced settings hides perhaps a little better from some ISPs"

That was the only thing I did not find and disable, the rest of it I did.

net.max_halfopen = uTorrent's half open max.

ComCast is probably cutting off peers and seeds from connecting to you. Do you notice lots of short-lived peers/seeds, typically staying connected for less than 1 minute?

I didn't see RCA modems listed at www.portforward.com ...their router section also includes modems WITH routers in them. However, not to say yours isn't...you can check the manufacturer's website to be sure.

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Switeck I actually figured out a pretty big break through, I found out its not my modem or my ISP. I am getting a good over 100 kb/s easy constantly when I'm NOT connected to my router.

My router is a "Linksys" that i also use for my phone (I have Vonage), but you'd figure it'd only cut into my bandwidth if I recieved a phone call (at least I think thats how it goes and if thats not how it works then I got a huge router problem) unfortunately that must not be the case.

Its not working correctly I guess...

Router Use: It's for just my phone and computer and not linked to anything else.

Type = Linksys

Model # = RTP300

Whats the problem with my router, is it really suppose to drastically slow my speeds, I'd say its about a year and a half old?

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I have this exact same issue, my downloads hang out at around 3.5 and randomly jump up into the hundreds for short periods of time. i found this forum from searching about my issues.

The one thing we have in common is the dreaded Linksys router. From computer knowledgeable friends and my xbox live warning messages about a "moderate NAT" rather than having an "Open NAT", i've learned that Linksys isn't necessarily the best router for connecting to other people. For anything. It's also not the best router for a steady internet connection, which is really sh*tty.

I say buy a new router, at least that's my plan of action.

Edit: i also use comcast

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Maybe you can complain about the Vonage router? The alternative would be to buy another router, and have your computer and Vonage router connect to that. Or, if you have only one computer, and that computer has two ethernet ports, connect the Vonage to your computer and leave your computer on.

CHUCK: Did you manually port forward? Try doing the reverse of your answer. By the way Comcast isn't very good.

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