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I just switched ISP, and seems like there are some throttling


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So i went from the Devil to the Fire?

Originally i was in Rogers, it sucks ass, they keep saying i exceeded my monthly quota, which is total BS

DD WRT has an excellent build in measurement chart, and i'm no were near the maximum a month, so Rogers kept billing me extra.

Anyways so i got pissed and switched to another ISP, Yak has true unlimited, unlike Rogers, that went from unlimited to limited.

so everything works great in Yak, i even called to confirm with them before signing up, if they frown to the idea of P2P, and they said no, everything is allowed, and "no throttling"

well everything seems to be true except for the "throttling" part.

But the weird thing is that it doesn't seems to be throttling all P2P traffic, only certain torrents.

Yak is a sub / reseller of Bell, and i know Bell has limited download, as well as bad ass throttling worse than Rogers, from what i've been told.

Just a few weeks / month back, i read on the news all the sub-reseller from Bell are demanding to unblock the throttling, blah blah blah...

perhaps that's where i see these weird behaviours?

1. some torrents downloads fine but doesn't upload,

2. some uploads fine, but seems like unable to download

3. some are unable to do either, it's blue, with LOTs of Seeds, and LOTs of Peers, but it just sits at 0.1 or null

I have tried with Open Office, and Linux, they both downloads fine at around 350k+ yet some torrents as described above with thousands of seeds / peers, are barely moving, and even if it does, then it's very slow.

so definitely there is some throttling going on, is there anyway to bypass that?

using IPv6 already with uT 1.8 (111140)

upload and download are set to unlimited, and it's barely reaching 50k for both upload/download of random torrents that are probably not "white listed"?

i noticed that most Japanese stuff are good, and anything known to be Open Source, all those downloads fast, but anything that has "Known" names or famous tittles, are super slow, or not even moving at all.

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Well, Bell only throttles at certain times of day.

If you can get max speeds on the OO torrents, it's probably not relatedto your ISP at all. It's likely that the quality of peers on your slow torrents sucks, or the tracker is down.

Furthermore, you need to set an upload cap. Open the Speed guide and choose your connection's upload speed in kbit/s.

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usually i do have a max cap of 60, which leaves me plenty of room to run my games, and normal web browsing without lag.

but for the above tests, i let it wide open to see how much throughput it was able to archive.

at the moment, things seems to be normal now, some of the "iddle" torrents, seems to be picking up speed.

i did check the tracker for those, and it was good (blue) with the normal "working" message, at first i was also expecting some red, or some sort of error message, but nope, it wasn't that.

anyways i'll keep an eye on it, and see how it goes for the next few days.

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If your new ISP is using a different bandwidth provider, you should expect transfer rates to differ. For example, my DSL is through SBCGLOBAL which uses Alter.net as their bandwidth provider, while my Comcast Cable uses Cogent. Bandwidth management is very different for both ISPs.

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that's a good question, i always have it set to "Forced" i've not tried to lower it, since i though, if i let it open, they might sniff it.

this also brings me to another question

i set the PPPoE to use PPP compression, what's your view (everyones) on it?

Will that help on performance, or will that actually degrade it?

i've been reading both Pros and Cons about it enabled and disabled, so i'm quite ... confused :P

it sounds like either way it's suppose to be good.

i guess i'll just have to disable it and see if i notice any speed difference

but from what i can tell using the speed test from speedtest net it seems like Not Using PPP compression, was doing much faster.

Not sure if that will also be the same for P2P data

Without PPP Compression was doing 4800+ almost max 5000 which is what my current ISP offers

with PPP Compression enabled, it was doing lower 4200 giver or take, using DSL report, it was even able to detect that PPP was enabled, and warned me that the results might not be accurate.

Perhaps i should turn PPP back to off

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i just ran some test, and good news

turning PPP Compression back to Off, download speed has improved over all.

However.... the upload speed, seems to still be throttled a bit.

The reason i say that, is because, it starts off really good like at 30k up, then as the seeds gets stronger on the upload, the upload speed reduces more and more, until it hits like 1k then zero

once it kinda dies off, then the next one in queue repeats the same thing it hits on really hard, then it gradually slows down to nothing.

if i stop and start the torrents again, then it repeats the same thing, the next one in queue will start strong, then slowly die off, etc.

I wonder what else i can do to make the upload better, as in anyways to bypass the throttling?

I've already set it to Force protocol encryption for outgoing

But after a while it kinda stabilizes, at least now they can achieve double digits for seeding, it was horrible seeing seeds (uploads) at like 1k

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Are you allowing incoming legacy connections (unencrypted, old)?

If so, your ISP may have clear evidence of which incoming port uTorrent is listening on...so they can then throttle EVERYTHING on that port.

Azureus has a "Avoid traffic shaping" page...though translating the settings to uTorrent isn't easy at first:


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nope, Legacy option is not selected.

Anyways, i'm happy now, seems like the problem was due the "PPP Compression" option that was enabled.

Since i disabled it earlier today, up to now, the throughoutput has been very consistent and fast.

but the real challenge comes back during the working days Mon to Fri

lets see if they do any throttling during the week.

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