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Started Seeding, Peers stuck at 98.6%


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I created a new torrent today and started seeding. Over the last few hours, people have started to connect.

But I have noticed that everyone gets to 98.6% done, and then it stops for them so no-one ends up being a seed. Some of these people still get an 'Up Speed' from me, but their % never changes once it's reached 98.6%

I don't know whats happening?

I'm currently the only seed btw.

[edit] I noticed the availability is 1.986, which surely can't be a coincidence that those are the same no's in the percentage complete that everyone gets..?

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Force re-check is greyed out, I can't click it?

And do you mean the orginal files on my computer must be corrupted? because as far as I know they're all working correctly..?

They originally came from a RAR file, would re-extracting the files and then overwriting the old ones that are currently being uploaded help matters at all? (IE, copying them into the folder, thus replacing the old files.)

[edit] I did the re-check, and it went down.

What can I do then, because now it says i'm 'Downloading' - how can I begin re-seeding?

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