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re ipfilter.dat


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hi all

I'm downloading a torrent and having a problem with hashfails.

1.12 gb downloaded and 272 mb fails (63 hasfails)

all hashfails from a small band of ip addresses, and from comments on the site I'm not the only one....

tried writing an ipfilter.dat file as below(plain notepad text file) - - -

and saved to E:\Users\dave\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent (Vista32)

checked ipfilter.enable = true

right clicked in peers tab and selected reload ip filter

restarted utorrent, but still connecting to dodgy ips

Have I made a stupid syntax error or am I missing something entirely

Thanks for any help, dave

Sorry folks, just sorted it, vista appended .txt to my filename and hid it from me!

Fixed it in a dos box, feel like a tit!

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was getting >50% hashfails for first 10/15% of download.

with ipfilter below have only got 2 hashfails since

speed is down though

pity they can't be banned by the tracker, client still blocking requests from them continuously

and ut wasn't autoblocking them - -

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They were sending loads of bad pieces, or at least i assume so 'cos they were causing all those hash errors. The first range i blocked was listed on a torrent site as having a vested interest in fouling the torrent i am still downloading(98.2% not long now!) so I'm very sure it's intentional and malicious. The 38's where also warned against in a post and when i looked in the peers log I had a load of fails from some 38's so I just blocked the lot. The last ip was the only other with double digit hash fails.

I'm all for the ability to share but if all they are sending is hash fails, block 'em.

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