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Remove and delete .torrent?


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First off, I must say great work on µTorrent and the webui. I absolutely love both.

I just have one question, or maybe it's a feature request. It seems that from the webui there's no way to delete the .torrent file. I've scanned all through the forums and I've only found people asking about making it the default action on the remove button, but not just if the ability is there at all. I certainly don't mind right-clicking and selecting an option. But it seems that the option to remove the .torrent file (or that + data) is not available. So I end up with these .torrent files that I have to clean up from time to time.

I figure I can make a script to clean up the files on a scheduled task, but I don't know how to differentiate from the completed torrents and the removed torrents.

This feature seems to be missing from all web interfaces, not just webui. Does this mean that it's missing from the µTorrent side, and only a new build of µTorrent could add this ability? (and then a new build of webui to take advantage?)

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