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Torrent's always stop during downloads.


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Well, i'm on 1.7.7 and got all the ports forwarded and speeds are correct.

(this happens on ALL big-ish torrents) Well i start downloading torrents (around 2gb) and it goes fine, speeds from 10-50, but i'm happy, the icon is blue pointing down. After a while (2 hours) it turns red(the arrow), all my peers are gone and speeds are 0. This happens on all my torrents (around 2gb+) and sometimes they don't even start for about day...

Also how come FireFox won't open when utorrent is? and when i open utorrent after firefox, firefox dosen't load anything?

anyway i'm sorry if these questions have been answered, but i really need help; torrents that say 1day to complete take WAY more than that (because it stops./...)

Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, im normally downloading around 500mb of trash for about 1gb downloaded (of a 2gb torrent) is that normal?

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