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No incoming connections, but only with Utorrent


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I have perused the forum for people with similar problems as mine. Utorrent worked once, but one day it did not produce that green circle that meant everything was OK. It still has a triangle that states there are no incoming connections. I have read other's claim nearly identical problems but I have found no solutions to whatever the issue could be. There are no firewalls blocking the application and oddly, Vuze - formerly Azureus( and a system hog), seems to make connections and work just fine.

Does any person have an idea of what could cause Utorrent to no longer function properly, even if it had previously worked without issue? And why does Vuze work while Utorrent does not? The Utorrent I have is the latest version and I am certain that port forwarding is not what needs to be done as my ports are forwarded. I appreciate any thoughts on the subject and am very grateful for any help provided.

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