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From good speeds to crap speeds overnight... (((


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I've had to change my torrent client from BitComet to uTorrent. I used to get 100kb/s with BC and with uT I'm getting 1-3kb/s. I've read 101 different message and I can't get it to work. Done port forwarding, gave myself an internal static IP address, configured my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and have tried uPnP and nothing is working.

BC got banned and ever since I can't get any other torrent client to work. I'm using a Belkin f5d7633 wireless router.

Can anyone help me??? I like the look and feel of uTorrent and I want to stick with. Tried AZ and I even got that to work without any NAT problems, but I still got the 1-3kb/s speeds.

I need help... pretty please with a cherry on top...

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