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uTorrent screwing up my browser connection - Vista


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So I recently reformmated my computer to Vista Extreme (Vista Ultimate with SP1) and so far internet works perfectly normal, im DMZ host, downloads are fast on everything.

When I turn on uTorrent all my browser connectivity all but dies. Any application that has a constant connection to the internet stays connected (Trillian, steam etc) but my firefox or ie vrowsers wont show any pages, they are in a constant state of refreshing.

If I turn it on the problem persists, I have to manually restart the computer to remedy it for the time being, if I turn uTorrent on again it will start acting up.

Like I said, Vista Ultimate x32 SP1, Windows firewall off, ESET Smart security per

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i have the same exact thing.

ultimate vista x32 sp1. i installed sp1 yesterday so i could use the new adobe creative suite..

and now everytime i use my browsers its all good, but when i start utorrent and then try to use the browsers.. it keeps loading.. but nothing shows up. I have to shut down utorrent.. refresh the computer a few times.. wait a few minutes then use the browser again (firefox).

Ive tried the link that GTHK put up but nothing. i guess im just repeating your situation but i wanted to be on here to see if anyone knew what could fix it and see if many others had the same problem.

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