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Keep loosing downloads on restart

James O

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I've encountered a problem in the last few weeks and wondered if anybody could help me solve it. I've used uTorrent for the past few years and generally not encountered any problems. However in the last month or so I seem to have run into a problem whereby if I shut down uTorrent or reboot my PC I lose everything I had downloaded since starting uTorrent. Up until recently I'd never known this to happen but now it seems to be a regular occurance. I also seem to get torrents just stop on 99.9% despite plenty of seeds being available - today for instance I had a file downloading whilst I went to work, I came home to find it stuck on 99.9% and when I restarted uTorrent it reverted to the percentage from this morning.

It wouldn't surprise me if it turns out to be just my own stupidity but does anybody know what I can do to stop my PC from loosing all my downloads?

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