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I need help please... red sign, not connectable


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my utorrent is showing the red icon and says not connectable, I have tried changing my port but nothing is happening and I am not sure how long it should take to download a file but mine have been downloading for 3 days and are only at 39 percent complete. I need help as to what to do, I have read everything but I have no clue what it all means. I do use a netgear router WRG614 if that means anything.

speed problems can anyone help?

I am new to this I don't know how long it should take me to download this file but it has already been 4 days and I am only at 41.3%. Does anyone know how long it should take for me to download a file that is 7.51 GB? If you have any answers as to how to make it download faster it would be appreciated.

clueless to help for speed problems

I am new to this and I have extremely slow speed, I read everything about forwarding ports and all of that but I am clueless as to what it means. I use a netgear router, i dont know if that has anything to do with it or not. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it soo much, thank you!

taken 4 days to get to 98.9 percent on a 7.52GB file.. normal?

I am new to utorrent and I have read about how fast and great this program is but it has taken me four days to get to 98.9% on a 7.52GB file. My download and upload speeds are all over the place from 20 to 170 for dowloading and 14 to 35 for uploading.. I have no idea what the peer/seeder thing means but it reads seeds 8(64) and peers 48 (342) I do use a router but have no idea as to how to set up a static ip I read the directions and it is way to complicated for me, also it said if two things were the same to call and ask for the true names and all of that what is that about?... I see the red sign in my status bar saying not connectable.. does anyone have advice as to how to speed up my downloading progress..? Please any help would be soooooo greatly appreciated! Right now I have my connection type set to xx/384kb/s

me--> totally clueless

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The seeds says 4 (54) and the peers says 40(349)

my settings are xx/384k?? does that sound right?

my connection down is anywhere from in the 70s to 180 and the up is anywhere from 24 to 38

should it be going up and down that way? i have no idea about this stuff I do use a router but I don't want to set a static IP because I am worried that it will mess up my computer?

Thank you for your help!

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"my settings are xx/384k?? does that sound right?"

I don't know, by how fast your connection is...I meant how fast is it SUPPOSED to be. :P

Download speeds in uTorrent should be somewhat to rather variable, even from 1 second to the next. Your upload speed should be virtually constant at the max upload speed you set.

If you don't have a router...does your modem contain a mini-router and/or firewall?

www.portforward.com at their ROUTERS section will probably list your modem if it's a mini-router and/or firewall type.

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Ok, xx/384k in Speed Guide (CTRL+G) is close enough to 356 kilobits/second upload speed.

Does your modem contain a mini-router/firewall as well?

(You'll have to check online and its manual, if you have one! www.portforward.com routers section!)

On that really slow, really huge torrent you have going...

Are you connected to many seeds and peers?

Are you uploading to none/some/most/all the peers you're connecting to?

Do seeds and peers seem to disconnect and disappear often?

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I have no idea about the connecting to seeds and peers? or if i am uploading to the peers... how do I tell all of that last portion of your message... i am so sorry but i am new to all of this stuff and the guides are to advanced for me... thank you for all of your help and time!

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Just as there is a Speed window at the bottom half of uTorrent, there is also one for Peers -- that will show you what peers+seeds you're connected to for the torrent you selected in the top window. (It only shows 1 torrent at a time.)

The Logger window at the bottom will tell you when peers+seeds disconnect. A constant string of disconnects is a possible sign of your ISP breaking your connections. It certainly is in my case -- I'm on ComCast. :(

Try reading




...if you haven't already.

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thank you all but i still have questions any one can help it would be appreciated... I still am downloading slow granted the size of my file... my download rate is up and down constantly is there any way I can find a port to forward to while using a router without having to set up a static IP and all of that???

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