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Had to go to Bitvomit because Utorrent would not work with Vista.


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Feel like a traitor, been using Utorrent for YEARS, since it first came out but I am finally stumped. I upgraded to Vista and wanted to bring Utorrent along for the ride,

but apparently it did not want to go! I'm using NOD32 and Vista Firewall, have added utorrent to the exceptions, uninstalled those programs, tried all the versions of

Utorrent, and I can't keep it from either crashing my whole system or borking the internet connections altogether. I have tried EVERYTHING posted here,

nothing has worked, some suggestions came close, but nothing completely solved the problem. I have even re-installed the operating system TWICE!

My system was running without so much as ANY problem, the minute I install and use Utorrent, the damn thing crashes, my system log can attests to Utorrent being

the culprit. I decided to see if it was a torrent program problem, installed Bitcomet and BAMMM! Perfect operation. No crashes, nothing negative. (Except for the ugly

interface) Some people seem to have Utorrent working on Vista, but a WHOLE LOT of people are having the same types of problems but nobody seems to want to

acknowledge it might be Utorrent? Most of the "help" seems to want to blame the person and the programs they are running. The "fixes" entail: "uninstall your firewall, uninstall your Anti-Virus, uninstall your Operating System!" I'm sure SOMEBODY knows this program is not fully compatible with Vista yet, hopefully your working on

an update or Beta that will FULLY WORK without TONS of configuring, uninstalling ect. I DO NOT LIKE Bitcomet, but until somebody comes up with a

VIABLE option I really don't have a choice, I have been screwing with Utorrent for almost 2 weeks and nothing has helped. I'm tired of re-installing the operating

system and every program that goes with it just to get this to work, please work on Vista compatibility!

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1> I can barely read your post.

2> You have not provided any real troubleshooting information.

3> You haven't even REALLY tried to troubleshoot with us at all, making your claims look very low-quality.

No crashes, nothing negative. (Except for the ugly interface)

and the spying that it does on you that you can't turn off.

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I wonder if it's possible that due to high half open connection rates in uTorrent that ComCast's connection-killing RST packets could cause system problems?

We need more information!

Please post the info asked for in the 1st link in my signature.

...And you may want to try the 1 megabits/second upload speed limit values in the 2nd link in my signature.

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