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Sudden drop in D/L speed


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Hello, I read all the stickies, I checked all my utorrent options, but have this problem..

When I go to do the speed test at dslreports.com I get a maximum d/l speed of 385 kb/s and my max upload speed of 1361 kb/s. My ISP is Optimum Online cable. On utorrent I can't go past 40kb's download speed and my average d/l speed is like 25kb's.

I used to get speeds up to 200kb's and average around 100kb at least on each torrent 2 months ago. Even on the dslreports.com speed test website the history chart shows my previous speed tests that I took in May, 08 and I got DL speed of 5331 kb and Upload speed of 1685 kb back then. So what caused this sudden speed drop?

I have everything turned off, AIM, AVG Free edition, Windows firewall is excluding utorrent, I get the green light in utorrent for the port. Any ideas? Thanks..

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Either there was severe problems while you were running the download part of the speed tests (busy internet switch somewhere between you and the test server).

Or your ISP may have reduced your line's max speed -- either due to you exceeding some bandwidth limit or general overloads on their local network. :(

What settings were you using in uTorrent?

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Okay..right now I"m using

Upload Speed: 60kbs

Upload Slots: 6

Connections: 100

Connections (Global): 600

Max Active torrents: 6

Max Active downloads: 5

Enable Encryption not checked but tried checking it (no help)

Current Port: 23008 test shows it's okay in green MOST of the time...if I keep refreshing the page 1 out of 15 times it will say ERROR in red...

Also I should have mentioned I'm using a WLAN card to connect the router wirelessly to my laptop..and I don't have control over the router...

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That's a LOT of connections (Global especially) to try to cram through a wireless link. Instead of 600, I suggest 60 total for testing. And reboot the computer too. :P

Your half open rate in uTorrent's advanced settings may be causing problems too...is it still set to the default value of 8?

(If so, try lowering it to 4.)

Networking hardware and software can overload differently, but that's my guess what happened that caused the D/L speed drop. So the goal now is to find settings that don't overload it.

1st and 2nd link in my signature are good for that...

Is your upload speed in uTorrent running steady at the 60 KiloBYTES/second max you set it to?

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