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Error: The Precess cannot access the file because it is being used by


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I am getting an error message on many files I try to download

Error: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

What Process? is this on my computer? how do I tell what process and do i just delet the torrent and start over. is this a corrupt file or is it a file that bit torrent wants us to pay to down load since they are a pay by file download site??

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uTorrent is a free-to-use program. So I don't know about "pay by file download site".

You probably have a file indexing program running on your computer that's locking files so other programs can't use them while it's checking/indexing them.

Roxio and Nero are REALLY BAD about doing this, though both can be configured to not index files.

Another problem-causer is media player programs -- they don't just lock files, they change the file's contents, making you no longer have 100% download files as they are now damaged!

iTunes and Microsoft's Media Player 7+ are bad about doing this. :(

NOTE: NONE of this software is viruses or trojans. They're all commercial software that simply doesn't work well in a multitasking environment. (where multiple programs running at once)

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Thanks Switeck, I went in and messed with Roxio's Media Center that monitors that krap in Roxio, why would some one want to auto monitor this any way it should do a search when and only wen you access their program expessually it it interfears with the importing of data arrgh, any way I disabled monitoring from the file I have my downloads going to and it seems to be working fine, Thanks again


Well it seemed to work download froze and alert back damn dosnr seem to affect audio files just video files so far knock on wood

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