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Actually, your internet connection is nowhere near 100 megabits/second.

My testing suggests you're actually on a ADSL line in Great Britain from Opal Telecom DSL (a possible subsidiary/subcontractor for Talk Talk?)

I doubt your internet connection's download speed is 1/10th of 100 megabits/second.

And your upload speed is probably 1/10th (or less!) of that!

So chances are your settings in uTorrent are overkill for your connection.

Please try the 1st and 2nd links in my signature.

...You'll need to know your internet connection's true upload speed max for purposes of choosing the best settings in uTorrent.

(My speed settings are conservative and certainly not the "best"...but they beat overloading and crashing!)

Lastly, Talk Talk ISP has taken an extremely hostile approach to BitTorrent traffic -- they attempt to thorttle/disrupt it, so even at best you may have problems exceeding ~30 KiloBYTES/second download speed. And I don't have a clue how well your upload will be, because if they're anything like Rogers...you'll be lucky to upload at good dial-up speeds!

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I don't know.

You would be able to get download speeds faster than 40 KiloBYTES/second if uTorrent v1.8 can trick the BitTorrent disrupting your ISP does. That's not guaranteed to work...but to try it:

1.disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, Resolve IPs

2.Turn off accept incoming legacy connections

3.set outgoing encryption to FORCED

4.Lower Global and Per-torrent connection max to 20 OR LESS

If you're not firewalled, you can try even setting half open max in uTorrent to 0 for awhile, otherwise leave it set to 1-8.

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Try uTorrent v1.8 release candidate.

It's NOT likely to crash...probably even LESS likely in that regard than v1.7.7.

I am actually rather interested in if my suggested settings in my last post WORK, because different ISPs use different monitoring criteria...so some places it might work while in others it's hopeless. :(

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