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My young brother has got a problem with his desktop.

It's seems to me he's not been careful whilst using uTorrent.

I've never used it and i have no experience with it but i thought the best answer would come from here having searched Google with no luck.

There's a message displayed on his desktop with a link that takes you to, what i think would be an unsecure site that most probably wants to sell you some spyware removal software. I must tell you at this point the internet is not connecting because of this problem.

In the Add/Remove, i have on several occassions removed uTorrent and after a reboot it re-appears.

I've located the uTorrent files on the hard drive and tried to delete them to the recycle bin but a message comes up saying ''cannot delete as the program is in use'' etc...

I can't find a way of stopping the thing to get rid of them and even by pressing Ctrl, Alt Delete the task manager won't appear as another message comes up saying ''In use by task administrator''

I've done a search with Ad-Aware which deleted alot of crap but still this uTorrent remains.

Please help guys.

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